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Welcome to my website

My name is Stephane Tremelot and I practice psychotherapy both in Geneva and Ferney-Voltaire.

Certified by the EPG (Ecole Parisienne de Gestalt – Parisian Gestalt School) I work with individuals providing long and short term counselling and psychotherapy.


I spent 10 years in London from 1998 to 2008. However, as my mother tongue is not English, I suggest we have a first short meeting to make sure that you feel comfortable enough to create a therapeutic relationship with me.


My private psychotherapy practice is based in Ferney-Voltaire :

13 B chemin du Levant                         

Building "JB Say" - Ground Floor             

01210  Ferney-Voltaire, France


which is easily accessible from Geneva using TPG public transport buses F and 66.


Method & Approach

Working as a Gestalt therapist I keep a good balance between challenging and supporting clients. I provide psychotherapy with the recognition of the holistic needs of a client. I develop deep and honest relationships, whilst maintaining professional boundaries. My approach is based on Gestalt approaches with a strong focus on the integration of body and mind.

Some of the areas I cover :

- Existential Problems such as loss or lack of meaning in life, mid-life crisis, lack of motivation…

- Relationships such as jealousy, relationship breakdown, bereavement, abandonment, loneliness, sexual concerns…

- Anger Management such as rage, violent behaviour, irritability, lack of anger, non-assertive responses…

- Mental Health such as panic attacks, anxiety, low self-esteem, mood swings, self-destructive behaviour, eating disorders, depression, Obsessive & Compulsive Disorder, Bi-Polar, re-engaging with the environment after mental breakdown…

- Career & Work Problems such as unfulfilled potential, redundancy, stress and burn-out, lack of confidence, communication problems…

- Addictions such as substance misuse, internet, sex…



What is Gestalt Therapy ? Please use this link to learn more about it : of Gestalt Therapy


I offer you a confidential, safe and caring space to support you in your personal endeavor.
You can contact me using the button below :

Cabinet of Psychology Stéphane Tremelot Ferney Voltaire
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